Alicia Dougherty and her husband, Josh, experienced nine years of infertility and losses.

They knew that they wanted to be parents, so they started looking into foster care and adoption.

"We both just really wanted to be parents, and it didn't matter how we became parents. When we looked into the forms of adoption, we realized that there are over 100 thousand children in the U.S.A. foster care system waiting for a family, so that seemed like the right path for us."

The Dougherty family grew quickly, going from zero children to 10 children in just eight years.  

"Six are adopted from foster care and four ended up being miracle biological babies," said Alicia.

When the pandemic started, as a way to keep herself and her children entertained, Alicia began sharing parts of her day on social media. She quickly gained a following with hundreds of thousands of people now checking in daily to see how the Doughtery family is doing.

Alicia says she hopes that by sharing her family's story, she will inspire other families to look into adoption and foster care.

Today on Connections, Alicia shares what a day is like in their household and why they've decided to share their lives online. She'll also share the role that faith has played throughout their journey.