It's been four years since Adam Gillan lived on the streets, and it's thanks to a ratty piece of art that he's where he is today.

"I moved to Edmonton from Ontario for work thinking I was going to get away from trouble, but with my addictions, it was hard," said Gillan.

Adam says he was living for his addiction at the time. 

"Sometimes the drugs just kept me going, and it helped, but in the end, it wasn't helping anything."

He ended up losing his home and his kids to foster care. 

"After losing the kids, I hit the streets and kind of lost hope'" said Adam. "I wasn't expecting to be where I am today."

In his time on the streets, Adam would rummage through dumpsters in hopes of finding something that he could exchange for cash. One day he came across a picture of Bambi.

He brought it to an antique shop in Edmonton, where the owner, Alexander Archbold, gave him $20.00.

Alexander later found out that the piece was worth thousands of dollars, so he spent two weeks searching alleys and talking to people living on the streets looking for Adam. He eventually did and invited him back to his shop to share the good news.

"I couldn't believe it. It was amazing. It lit a fire under me that day. I knew that I had to change. I had to."
Alexander handed Adam a cheque for $1600. He also helped set him up with a hotel and clothing and eventually connected Adam to his family in Ontario.

Over a year, Adam was able to get off the streets, reconnect with his family, get sober and start his own drywall business.

Alexander and Adam continue to keep in contact. 

Today on Connections, Adam shares how he landed on the streets and his journey to success.