Joyce Wolfe was a confident, laid back and spiritually strong woman, that was, until 2018 when her family experienced a health crisis. 

"My concept of anxiety was, I guess, people are worrying too much. They should just lay their worries at Jesus' feet, and it's all good," said Joyce.

This event sparked anxiety and panic attacks for Joyce, something she had never experienced.

"It was discouraging. It was a hopeless feeling. And it felt like that was just how it would be for the rest of my life," Wolfe explained. 

Joyce says that God had a plan and sent a couple of friends into her life that also had experienced mental health struggles. 

"One friend I met, coincidentally, at Walmart. She lives out of town. There's no reason we should have met," said Wolfe. "In the two minutes we talked, it came up that she also had struggled with anxiety and was in counselling for it. She told me, Joyce, this is not your identity. It's just a part of your journey."

Joyce held on to that phrase as she trudged through her battle with anxiety. She says it was a big part of her healing journey.

"It was uplifting," said Joyce. "This wasn't where I was going to sit. This wasn't where I was going to stay, and if God had a way out, then I was going to take that pathway out."

Since then, Joyce says God has worked miracles in her life. She has healed and is now using her journey to help others.

She shares her powerful story today on Connections.