What happens to a flag when the trials of time have worn it down?  

Oliver’s Funeral Home feels that old flags deserve to be treated respectfully. 

Once a year, on National Flag Day on February 15th, retired flags are laid to rest during a ceremony at Grande Prairie Cemetery.  

The annual ceremony has been taking place since 2016 as part of their retired flag program.  

Chris Clements, Director of Operations at Oliver’s, says flags will be laid to rest and buried in a proper manner.  

“You want to treat it (flags) with respect.” 

If you have a flag hanging outside your business, home, organization, or school that must be replaced, you’re welcome to drop it off anytime at Oliver’s Funeral Home. For this year’s ceremony, the drop-off deadline is February 13.  

For those who would like to attend the ceremony and luncheon on February 15, the event starts at 10:30 am at Oliver’s Funeral Home with the ceremony at 11:00 am at the cemetery, followed by lunch at the funeral home.  

RSVP by calling 780-532-2929, or visit Oliver's Funeral Home online for more information.  

Learn more about National Flag Day HERE