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Today is International Women's Day!

Women have always played a key role on the farm and ranch and in the Agriculture industry as a whole.

Some people have viewed the agriculture industry as a mainly male dominated industry, but women have always played an important role keeping the family fed while helping out on the farm and ranch.

Women take on many roles whether it's running the books, running equipment, planning and marketing off-farm commodity sales, running for parts, hauling grain or working with and marketing livestock.

Life on the farm and ranch is busy and very involved for everyone, and in some cases women are leading the operation on their own.

It's not just life on the farm for some families, one of the partners may work off-farm to help make ends meet.

Over the years, women have started playing a key role in the broader Agriculture industry as well ... whether it's as veterinarians, crop advisors and agrologists, marketing, or in the area of research and technology.

The Honourable Marie Claude Bibeau is Canada's first female Federal Agriculture Minister, and today released this statement as part of International Women's Day.

                   On International Women's Day, we celebrate the trailblazing women across Canada's world-class
                   agriculture and agri-food industry. Throughout our country, on farms and in food businesses, women
                  are innovating and pushing boundaries. We are grateful to them everything they are doing to help
                  feed Canadians during this extremely challenging time.

                  Today, more than ever, women are taking leadership roles on farms, in science labs, and in industry
                  and government organizations. Last December, the position of Chair of the Canadian Dairy
                  Commission went for the first time to a women. A little while earlier, Canada welcomed our first
                  woman to serve as Chief Veterinary Officer. Jennifer Hayes and Dr. Mary Jane Ireland join many
                  other women who are taking a seat at decision-making tables and who are blazing the trail for many

                  In science, women continue to make new discoveries that are keeping the sector strong and
                  sustainable. Their skills and perspectives continue to build on the efforts underway to create a
                  sustainable future for Canada's agriculture sector.
                  Women in agriculture have been behind the scenes for countless years -- supporting the farm, but
                  without the recognition. While many strides forward have been made, there is still more work to be
                  done to better support women in the sector. Women continue to be faced with overcoming more
                  obstacles than their male counterparts. The Government of Canada recognizes that this burden
                  shouldn't rest on the shoulders of women to break down barriers and combat systemic inequities and

                   According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in developing nations, if
                  women worldwide had the same access as men to information, land, improved technologies, financing
                  and markets, they could increase their agricultural yields by up to 30 per cent, and lift more than 100
                  million people out of hunger. By investing in women, we truly strengthen the economy for everyone.

                Our Government will continue to work to ensure that women have the opportunities and support they                                                                                                                                                                                                                        need to participate, lead and succeed in this amazing sector. Our theme for this year is “Women
                Inspiring Women” #IWD2022 .

                Let's keep empowering women to reach greater heights – and let them inspire us!

                Happy International Women's Day!

                                            - The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food