The City of Grande Prairie’s committee report on the Stormwater Utility Charge has recommended Council approve Bylaw C-1443, moving the discussion to a future Council meeting for decision, scheduled for February 12, 2024.

On January 23, 2024, the Operational Services Committee endorsed principles for a Stormwater Utility Charge, aiming to establish a funding model based on an impervious (hard surface) area. During the Committee meeting, the proposed bylaw to implement a stormwater utility charge was presented.

What is a Stormwater Utility Charge?

Approval of Bylaw C-1443 on February 12 would transition the City to a stormwater utility charge, moving away from the present a tax-based funding model to a utility funding model that user pay. This change would tie the funding of the City’s stormwater system to a property’s contribution to stormwater runoff. By doing so, the City would ensure that the cost of operating and maintaining the stormwater system is shared fairly, equitably, and efficiently among those who use it.

How to learn more

“Between now and February 12, residents and businesses can learn more by referring to information on the City’s website at Additional information on past community engagement is also available for review at,” said the City’s Director of Communication, Philip Cooper.

To speak with a City representative, residents and businesses are encouraged to contact AccessGP online, at or by phoning 311.


Information provided by: The City of Grande Prairie

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