Cereal Crop Specialist Anne Kirk says the spring cereal harvest is almost done with 97 per cent of the spring wheat in and 98 per cent of the barley and oat crops now complete.

"Field peas are complete, canola is about 78 per cent complete, soybeans we have at 41 per cent, dry beans at 84 per cent and the grain corn harvest has just started in the central region and we're estimating that at about five per cent complete."

This week's crop report from Manitoba Agriculture shows the flax harvest is at  22 per cent complete with yields running 20 to 25 bu/acre, while sunflowers are at the R9 stage, with desiccation taking place on a number of acres. 

Kirk notes we're seeing a large variation in yields this year.

"The majority of spring wheat yields are running 35 to 80 bushels an acre, with lows of around 10 to 15 in the drier areas, and 90 bushels an acre in areas where they received timely rains."

Meantime, the corn silage is well underway across the province.

Some areas in the province have completed silage operations with yields ranging from 13 to 15 tonnes per acre. 

Beef producers continue to work on second hay cuts and in some areas are cutting sloughs.

The dry conditions have slowed forage growth on hay and pastures with cattle being supplemented or moved to fall grazing areas.

Some producers are moving cattle onto fenced hayfields or harvested cropland to graze any regrowth and/or stubble.

Kirk notes water supplies are adequate but at lower levels which is a concern in areas that missed out on the seasonal rainfall. 

Cattle are starting to be moved home while some producers are moving calves directly to auction.

You can check out Manitoba Agriculture's weekly crop report here https://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/crops/seasonal-reports/crop-report-archive/index.html

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with Cereal Crop Specialist Anne Kirk click on the link below.