Farm Credit Canada is partnering up with Ducks Unlimited Canada on a new Sustainability Incentive Program for customers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. 

Kristine Tapley, the national lead for sustainable agriculture with DUC says under the new program producers that have land enrolled in the Marginal Areas Program could be eligible for a maximum payment of $2000 or $50 an acre depending on their lending with FCC.

"We're excited to have Farm Credit Canada adding incentive to our existing marginal areas program. The marginal areas program at Ducks is a program that incentivizes planting areas that aren't producing well on your farm."

She says those are the areas that aren't returning on investment, or yielding as high as some of the other more productive areas, and turning them into more productive areas by seeding a perennial forage mix. 

Curtis Grainger, FCC director of sustainability programs says they hope to encourage seeding marginal areas that are unproductive to perennials, helping to improve profitability, pollinator habitat, and act as buffer zones.

"Canadian grasslands are some of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. This incentive program is an opportunity for producers to provide natural habitats for wildlife and enhance biodiversity responsibly."

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with Kristine Tapley click on the link below.

More information on the MAP program can be found on the Ducks Unlimited Canada website, while details on the new Sustainability Incentive Program with Farm Credit Canada can be found here.