In response to complaints about noisy vehicles in the community, Grande Prairie Enforcement Services will be increasing education and enforcement initiatives. Peace Officers have received training specific to modified exhausts and motor vehicle noise-related issues and will be doing checks on vehicles in the city this month.

Each spring, Enforcement Services receives an increase in the amount of noise complaints stemming from vehicles with inadequate mufflers and vehicle equipment, as well as driving behaviours such as stunting and overaccelerating. The safety of drivers on the road remains the top priority.

City of Grande Prairie Bylaw C-1103C prohibits creating or causing the emission of any loud and unnecessary noise from a motor vehicle, including the use of engine retarder brakes and signalling devices that make more noise than is reasonably necessary. The provincial Vehicle Equipment Regulation also includes restrictions on after market vehicle equipment.

Vehicles making excessive and unnecessary noise at any time of the day can lead to drivers receiving fines ranging from $162 to a mandatory court appearance. Peace Officers will be leading education and enforcement initiatives in the hopes of reducing the issue.

To make a complaint about a noisy vehicle, contact Enforcement Services at 780-830-5790 or

Information provided by Grande Prairie Police Service