New episodes of The Chosen, season three are being released each week and episode two packs a punch with a scene about healing that has gone viral.

Jordan Walker Ross is the actor that depicts one of Jesus' disciples in the TV series, 'Little James.' In episode two of season three, Little James asks Jesus a pertinent question, in essence, 'Why have you not healed me?'

Ross himself has scoliosis, minor cerebral palsy, and a limp. His character walks with a limp in the show, causing the scene to be even more impactful in relation to Ross's own health. 

The episode was released on December 18, 2022, and since then the actor has received thousands of comments on through social media. 

"It's resonated with so many people," says Ross during an interview with Christian Headlines. "I've probably gotten thousands of comments and messages at this point, many of which are from people in the disabled community, which is something I'm especially proud of being a member of that community myself. And I've heard from children that have scoliosis and cerebral palsy just like me – or their parents."

Ross shared how emotionally draining the six-minute scene for this episode was. It paid off as the scene went viral after The Chosen posted to their Facebook page, garnering 500,000 views in the span of 24 hours. 

"This scene, I hope, can show people that just because you're different, it doesn't mean you're broken, and that you are just as worthy of love and you are just as capable of giving love and using your circumstances to do good in the world and to help others and uplift others and inspire others."

One of the greatest benefits to this role is that Ross can be himself. He said in other acting roles he tried to hide his limp. Playing this character, Ross was able to step into this role with an authenticity that has blessed him. 

"I hope that's the message that people get from that. While physical healing is never promised in this life, I think that more times than not, the healing that we need is internal – it's healing the wounds that other people have caused on our hearts or in our psyche. I think that's what that message is all about, and I'm just incredibly proud and humbled to have been a small part of it."