Ellie Holcomb announced today that she will release a new album next month. 

The new album, All of My Days, is a collection of curated Psalms that have helped carry her through difficult times as well as played an encouraging role in the lives of her listeners through her “Memory Mondays,” where she sings Scripture verses to songs each week. She will release it alongside an expanded edition of her devotional Fighting Words.

“I’ve always wanted to make a Psalms project,” shares Holcomb. “Singing Scripture has been equivalent to a physical act of burying seeds of hope and truth and light deep in my heart. The joy and comfort that come when those little melodies surface, especially during the dark or hard moments in my story, Scripture songs have been an encouragement for me over the years."

The new expanded version of Holcomb's book will feature ten bonus devotionals and an extra art piece inside. As well, seven Psalms included in the expanded edition will have a song to accompany it.

All of My Days will hit shelves on April 12, while her new expanded limited edition bestselling devotional, Fighting Words, will hit bookstores on April 16th.