The ice surfaces located at the Design Works Centre are fully closing for facility maintenance from May 21 to June 15, 2024.

The closure affects all drop-in programming including public skate, stick & puck, figure skating and shinny.

“It’s important for us to provide enjoyable experiences for everyone who uses our building for play or spectating,” said Angela Redding, Community Knowledge Campus Director.

“This important, required maintenance helps achieve that by providing top-quality ice surfaces and recreation services at our facility.”

The Design Works Centre shuts down to complete maintenance every third year to ensure the plant and systems run efficiently and effectively during regular operations.

Work expected to be completed during the shutdown includes inspecting all machinery components and safety equipment systems, checking fluids and more.

The Design Works Centre maintenance work is important and required to:

·Improve the quality of play by preserving the integrity of the ice surface and ensuring optimal conditions for ice sports.

·Extend the longevity of equipment like ice resurfacing machines, refrigeration systems and other equipment.

·Ensure systems run efficiently and effectively during regular operations.

See Design Works Centre schedules following the shutdown at For questions regarding the maintenance, please contact AccessGP at or by calling 311.

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie