Congratulations to Dean & Annette Yurkewich (Pathway Christian Communities), our latest Date Night on Daniel winners.

Dean & Annette won a $100 gift card to Jeffrey’s and a Cineplex gift card courtesy of Daniel Cram of Sutton Realty.

Faith Brown nominated the couple: "Dean and Annette are the sweetest! I nominate them because they serve our church and community with diligence and grace. They look for ways to meet our physical and spiritual needs. Recently, a bunch of families in the church had sick kids for a few weeks and they took the time and energy to keep asking how we were doing and bring us a meal during the hard long days. They are often busy checking up on others and seeing how they can care and encourage others. They genuinely reach out and ask how others are doing. Dean spent a season ministering with Rising Above and going weekly to teach a Bible class and challenging participants to seek the Lord for their truth and life direction. Annette so graciously interacts and teaches our kids during our services. Our kids adore her! I’d love for them to win, to honour them as they work so diligently for the Lords service!"

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