Congratulations to Travis and Amy Hanson from Generations Church, our latest Date Night on Daniel winners.

Travis and Amy have won a $100 gift card to Jeffrey’s and a Cineplex gift card courtesy of Daniel Cram of Sutton Realty.

Mercedes Mwemera nominated Travis, "I've been honored to have a pastor who is passionate about spreading the word of God. Each time he preaches, it's as if he knows what I need to hear. He's not only our pastor but, he signs in the worship team with his wife and children. I've had a hard time getting back into the word of God after losing my sister and he has never questioned or pushed me to come back. Instead, he has been supportive and patient. He always welcomes us with open arms and reminds us every time that we are loved. I believe that he is a great candidate as he puts God and his people above, his heart is full of love. He is always doing things for others such as raising money for Haiti and their natural disasters, each year grows a garden and gives the vegetables away to those who need them. They host events that allow you to connect with the church family. It would just be nice for him and his wife who is also a pastor and her name is Amy. They're a power couple and bring a lot of joy in my life. As how the world is right now, we need someone on our team when the vision is cloudy and this church and pastoral team does that for me and my family"

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