Congratulations to James and Angela Sisco from People's Church, our latest Date Night on Daniel winners.

James and Angela have won a $100 gift card to Jeffrey’s and a Cineplex gift card courtesy of Daniel Cram of Sutton Realty.

Chris Thiessen nominated the couple, "This husband-wife team are an absolute blessing to People's Church! James, the Director of Media, leads a large media team responsible for delivering all of the amazing audio/visual Church initiatives. I am humbled by James' drive to support people in their media passions and willingness to walk alongside them every step of the way. Oh, he also plays like (almost) every instrument and fills in on the Worship team when they're short! He is such an innovator and always trying to do the Lords work with his gifts. Angela, the Pastor of Children Ministry, is an absolute JOY!.. she is seriously one of the nicest and most encouraging people I know! She facilitates all of the children's ministry programming like Fun Friday Nights and summer camps, where this summer alone, over 50 kids came to the Lord! These two serve so selflessly and are always available to help get God's work done. I have had the pleasure to serve alongside both Angela and James and their passion for their ministry and love for the Lord is beautiful. In the midst of all the good they do, they also have a family of their own! So Daniel, I hope you can make their evening and help all of us at People's Church, and throughout the community, give these two lovebirds a date night they so deserve!"

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