More than 140 firefighters and support personnel are fighting the wildfire near Fox Creek (WWF-023).  Partners assisting Alberta on the complex include firefighters from Australia, the United States, New Brunswick, and soldiers from 1 Combat Engineer Regiment. 

WWF-023, east of Fox Creek, detected on May 5, is listed as out of control at 73,479 hectares.  

There are currently 12 helicopters and 7 heavy equipment groups assigned to the Eagle complex. 

Evacuees have returned to Fox Creek and Little Smoky. Wildland Urban Interface Fire Structure Protection crews have left Fox Creek now now that the threat to the community from wildfires has been reduced. Sprinklers have been left in place as a precaution. The Fox Creek fire department has returned to normal duties but remains ready to assist should circumstances again warrant their participation.

GWF-027, west of Fox Creek, was detected on May 13 and is out of control at 55,344 hectares. Dozer guards are in progress. Three medium helicopters with buckets are working to keep priority areas cool until crews are able to work on extinguishing the fire.

Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard, Fox Creek fires