The County of Grande Prairie is excited to announce the launch of a new notification system for residents called “Voyent Alert!”. 

Voyent Alert is a multi-purpose communication service provided by the County of Grande Prairie to keep residents informed of critical events like fires or floods as well as day-to-day communications. 

“Today, we're launching a new notification service for critical events like fire, floods, and extreme weather,” said Lesley Nielsen-Bjerke, Director, Communications and Marketing. “This service provides a more direct and personalized way to provide vital information to residents, which is particularly crucial given the heightened wildfire risk in 2024.” 

In the coming weeks, the County will add notifications for day-to-day communications such as road advisories, utility outages, disruptions to garbage collection, community engagement opportunities, and more.  

Users can choose to be notified by one, several, or all of the following communication channels: text message, email, voice call – either to their mobile phone or a landline, or directly to their iOS or Android device through the Voyent Alert! app. They can opt in, or out, of any non-critical communications at any time. Most alerts will also be displayed on the County’s website and social media channels.  

Users can also create and follow multiple locations, such as “kids’ school” or “mom’s house,” and choose the preferred communication channel for each. Addresses are provided by Google Maps. Please check to ensure the location of your pin is accurate and reflects your home, work, or any other address you are registering for alerts. 

Additionally, users will never have to be concerned about their privacy. Resident data, right down to location, is anonymous, and personal information will never be shared. Plus, residents don’t have to worry about remembering another username or password since the software uses a Two-Factor Authentication system. 

“We encourage all residents to register today to receive these important alerts so they can be more informed and ready to act,” said Nielsen-Bjerke. “Signing up is easy. We’ll do the rest by keeping you informed about emergencies and the topics you care about. Never miss an essential notification again.” 

Get the Voyent Alert app at the App store or Google Play.   

For email, SMS, or phone registration, get started here:  

For more information please visit:   

Information provided by the County of Grande Prairie