The County of Grande Prairie’s Hommy and Pipestone Creek Campgrounds are contributing to a quieter and healthier environment, thanks to a grant received from the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities program.

The County offset the cost of replacing two older gasoline-powered golf carts with new electric utility golf carts through a grant of $7,041, funded by the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC), a partnership of Alberta Municipalities, the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta. Funding for the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities program was provided by the Government of Alberta.

The original units were at the end of their life cycle, experiencing occasional breakdowns and mechanical challenges. The full cost of replacing both golf carts was $37,602 and help County Park Hosts provide safe and efficient service for campground guests.

The County saw a reduction in maintenance costs and downtime this past camping season, as well as overall reduced fuel consumption and costs.

Information provided by the County of Grande Prairie

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