The City of Grande Prairie reminds residents that elm trees may only be pruned from October 1 to March 31 each year to prevent the spread of Dutch elm disease.

Residents seeking to prune elm trees are asked to call the City after September 30 to arrange elm tree pruning.

A province-wide elm tree pruning ban takes place from April 1 to September 30. This is one of the many protective measures taken to help control Dutch elm disease (DED).

DED is spread by elm bark beetles. These beetles are attracted to the smell of freshly cut elm wood, therefore no pruning is to take place during the summer months when the beetles are flying.

The major risk to Alberta elm trees is from the transport of beetle-infested or disease-carrying firewood to our region. Everyone must follow the provincial guidelines for the prevention and control of DED.

If you have a city elm tree in your yard, please call City Parks Operations at 311 to arrange to have it pruned during the winter months.

For more information on the elm tree pruning program or Dutch elm disease, visit: []

Elm treePhoto: Supplied by City of GP