Grande Prairie City Council has directed administration to proceed with the redesign and reinstallation of three service club signs to be placed at the new city boundaries. The signs will be funded through the Transportation Department’s operating budget.

This decision aligns with Council's strategic plan to build an inclusive and caring community by enhancing the visibility and recognition of the service organizations that actively contribute to the City's social fabric.

"These signs represent the diverse volunteer-led service organizations that contribute significantly to our city," said Grande Prairie Mayor Jackie Clayton. "Updating and relocating them will help ensure that our community's spirit is highlighted while acknowledging the valuable role these clubs play."

The redesign process will consider input from stakeholders to ensure the signs effectively represent each club's contribution. The updated signage will be strategically placed at the new city limits to make a positive first impression on people entering Grande Prairie.

The Transportation Department will oversee the project, ensuring the new signs are installed promptly and effectively. Further details on the timeline and final designs will be announced once finalized.

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie