The City of Grande Prairie is canvassing neighbourhoods starting the week of May 13 to revise the property photo archive, update tax assessment records and perform exterior property inspections to ensure accurate data. 

“The neighborhood canvassing is an essential part in maintaining the accuracy of our property records,” said the City of Grande Prairie’s Assessment and Taxation Director, Scott Smith, “It allows us to ensure that all property assessments reflect the current market conditions, which in turn guarantees fairness and transparency for all residents in their property taxes. We appreciate the community's cooperation and understanding as we carry out this task.”

The photos and inspections are done every five years to create a record of any changes to properties over time.

Neighbourhoods being canvassed this year include:

·         Country Club Estates

·         Country Club West

·         Crystal Lake Estates

·         Lakeland

·         Mission

All City assessors will be in vehicles marked with a City of Grande Prairie badge and will have ID badges on hand.  The canvassing will be ongoing throughout the summer and conclude late August.

For more information, please visit the Assessment FAQ page at


Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie

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