City Council has concluded budget deliberations for 2024 with a decision to increase taxes by 3.28%.

Budget 2024 focuses on delivering the same quality and service levels residents expect, while balancing rising costs, revenue constraints, and sustainability. Efforts were made to mitigate the tax increase as much as possible while balancing service standards, including reductions in both the operating and capital budgets. Funding increases were only proposed where there are contractual obligations, or requirements based on price increases. Transfers from Council’s Strategic Fund and the Financial Stabilization Reserve for a total of $1 million were approved to reduce the tax impact on residents.

Since 2019, inflation has out-paced tax rate changes by over 16.54%, while tax increases have been a cumulative 3.18%, keeping tax rate increases below average of comparable municipalities.

More information and budget highlights can be found at

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie

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