The City of Grande Prairie has developed a residential snow clearing tracking map to show the progress of snow clearing crews, increase accuracy of information provided to residents and enhance transparency.

The Residential Snow Clearing Tracking Map helps residents of the City of Grande Prairie stay informed about the progress of residential snow clearing crews, providing real-time updates every 30 minutes and historical information.

"The Residential Snow Clearing Tracking Map gives residents a convenient and accessible way to watch snow clearing progress in residential areas,” says Jackie Clayton, Grande Prairie Mayor. “The map is a testament to our commitment to increased transparency and proactive communication with our residents. Council is excited about this new innovative map that helps keep residents informed about services that enhance quality of life.”

When a two-week round of residential snow clearing is declared all the residential snow routes on the map are shown in blue. As snow clearing crews progress through the two-week rotation the completed roads are shown in green. If crews are unable to plow a road due to an obstruction the road is shown in red.

The map’s neighbourhood boundaries are outlined with a black dotted line at the start of the residential snow clearing rotation. When snow clearing is started in a neighbourhood, the area within the boundary turns orange. When a neighbourhood is completed, the area within the boundary turns green.

The map is updated every thirty minutes while residential snow clearing crews are operational. When a round of residential snow clearing is completed, the map is cleared.

The app also features historical snow clearing information about the date and time snow clearing took place in any specific area of the City.

Residents can access the map online from any desktop or mobile device by visiting and clicking ‘Residential Snow Clearing Tracking Map’.

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie