As of April 1, 2022, the City of Dawson Creek will be partnering with Recycle BC’s curbside collection program to reduce overall recycling contamination.

The City’s goal moving into 2022 is to work with residents to reduce recycling contamination to 3% or less per collection week. Contamination refers to materials that are not accepted for collection in Recycle BC’s curbside collection program. According to a 2019 study commissioned by Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadians dispose of about 3.3 million tonnes of plastic each year, almost half of which is packaging.

In 2019, the provincial contamination rate was at around 6.5%, while the City of Dawson Creek has seen an average of 10-20% contamination over the last few years. With the help of Recycle BC, the City of Dawson Creek will work with residents to help ensure contamination rates are reduced and the materials collected can effectively and efficiently be recycled. Moving forward, the City will be investing in regular and increased educational, monitoring and enforcement measures in order to meet the goal of reducing contamination to 3%. This includes hiring two, part-time auditors for curbside collection monitoring, utilizing video recording on collection trucks, and tracking warnings and fines more closely. Moving forward, contaminated materials that are not accepted in the residential curbside collection program include the following


Soft Plastics

Plastic bags

Food waste 


Dirty containers



Shredded paper

Hard and soft cover books

Hazardous Material

It all starts with taking the time to think before you toss! More information can be found on the City’s website at, Facebook page at, or the Waste Wizard on the Dawson Creek City app.