City Council has adopted a new City Events Strategy to guide the development and implementation of City-led and community-partnered events to best meet community needs.

The City Events Strategy is the first time that Council has endorsed priorities or objectives related to City-led and community-partnered events. The strategic objectives and action items are designed to align with Council’s Strategic Priorities, related City plans and strategies, and be flexible to adapt to evolving community needs.

Development of the City Events Strategy was made possible through valuable feedback from residents, community groups and various external stakeholders.

The strategy provides direction and support for Grande Prairie to continue to be a bustling events city, and host and promote a diverse, year-round events calendar from Grande North Winter Festival to Canada Day to Harvest Festival to offer the best event experience for residents and the community.

“The City Events Strategy is an exciting advancement for the City,” says Mayor Jackie Clayton. “Having community events is a key part of supporting quality of life and making our community a place where all residents want to live, work and play. Council is a proud supporter of local events to provide opportunity for social gathering and connection, while boosting the local economy.”

The City looks forward to supporting a variety of events that contribute to our diverse and vibrant community. Stay up to date on full details at

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie