On May 16, the City of Grande Prairie begins repairs on the 99 Avenue bridge between 102 Street and 105 Street.

The work includes:

  • replacing the road surface
  • replacing or repairing damaged sections of the bridge rail
  • repairing minor cracks on the concrete components of the bridge including the pedestrian and vehicle barrier, support structures, and curbs
  • repairing the retaining walls at either end of the bridge and the pier

During construction, traffic is reduced to a single lane along 99 Avenue and the trail that runs under the bridge will be closed. Pedestrians will be rerouted along a marked detour north of the bridge.

Construction is expected to be completed in early August.

For more information on construction, visit cityofgp.com/construction2022 or contact the City by phone at 311 or e-mail at info@cityofgp.com.