The Fire Mutual Aid Agreement that was signed by County and City Councils earlier this year is now in effect. The signed agreement allows each party to request resources from the other agency to assist with emergency operations when needed.

"This collaborative relationship to improve emergency response along our shared boundaries is one of the many ways the County and City are working together to enhance our service delivery. The County has many mutual aid agreements in place to provide and receive that emergency support for the safety of all residents,” says County of Grande Prairie Deputy Reeve Peter Harris.

“Ensuring the safety of the public is always of the utmost importance to myself and our community. This collaboration will aid both the City and County by providing more efficient services in emergency situations. I value the partnerships we have established in our region and feel that they help us better serve our residents," says City of Grande Prairie Mayor Jackie Clayton.

The Mutual Aid Agreement between the two service providers offers a framework that enhances the collective abilities and understanding of firefighters and first responders to safeguard lives and properties. It enables both municipalities to make a fire service request of the other municipality. The agreement also includes an auto-aid feature where the closest station will respond to a call regardless of which jurisdiction that call falls within in select, predetermined areas. The agreement encourages development of cooperative procedures and protocols to enhance the fire departments.

The automatic aid procedures are limited to two areas.

The Westgate fire station in the City will respond to emergencies involving a greater risk to human life and public safety in the Silver Pointe Village.

The Clairmont Station 14 in the County will respond to high-risk calls and offer emergency services to rural roads and Happy Trails Campground & Cabins in the City.

In addition to the automatic aid response, both these locations will continue to get the same response support from their respective fire departments.

The Fire Mutual Aid Agreement was signed as part of the City and County’s Intermunicipal Collaboration Agreement negotiations that concluded earlier this year. The agreement speaks to the City and County’s willingness to collaborate and look for more efficient ways to deliver services regionally.

Information provided by the City and County of Grande Prairie