Christian band Citizen Way was in Michigan at a show when their tour bus burned down Tuesday afternoon

According to their Bus Fire Campaign at their website, lead singer Ben Calhoun says that no one was seriously injured.

Calhoun also said, "By the Grace of God we played one of the most memorable concerts ever afterward because of the gravity of the situation. Thank you to all who served us yesterday! It’s amazing how the Lord provides His people and His peace past all understanding in times like these."

The tour bus was just received three weeks ago so most of the insurance money will go to the lender.

The tour bus was sponsored by the non-profit organization Generosity Rocks, which Calhoun founded and says that the organization equips bands like Citizen Way to minister across the country and pour into local communities.

Calhoun says, "This mission IS going forward! We need to replace this transportation as part of that mission. Reliable buses can cost up to one million dollars or more. We don’t need anything near that, but it will cost about $250,000 for something sturdy enough to take what constant touring requires."