Manitoba Auction Marts moved 9,530 head of cattle for the week ending November 24th. 

Year to date, that's 296,080 head of cattle sold, that's up 3.9 per cent from 2022 when 284, 923 head sold.

Feeder heifer prices last week jumped significantly for the heavier weight animals with the 901 plus heifers up $ 12.71 per cwt to $ 239.38 per cwt.

The 801 to 900 pound heifers were up $13.10 per cwt for an average price of $256.25 per cwt.

Feeder steer prices ranged from $418 per cwt for the 401 to 500 pound category,  down to $289.06 per cwt for the 801 to 900 pound animals,  that's a change of $6.31 per cwt from the previous week.

D1-D2 cows in Manitoba were down $3.43 per cwt to $118.57 per cwt.

Saskatchewan's weekly cattle marketing report shows 27,940 head sold last week, compared to the 38,009 head the previous week.

That's also significantly lower than the 40,649 head sold during the same time last year.

While year-to-date, Saskatchewan feeder cattle marketing is four per cent above 2022, at 598,450 head.

Last week, feeder steer prices ranged from $469.33 per cwt for the 300 to 400 pound weights, down to $283.50 per cwt for the 900+ category.

Feeder heifers ranged from $380.92 per cwt for the 300-400 pound weight category to $266.75 per cwt for the 800+lb weight category. 

Alberta fed steers averaged $228.19 per cwt for the week 

D2 cows dropped $5.82 per cwt to average at $122.28 per cwt, while  D3 slaughter cows were down $4.63 per cwt to $110.83 per cwt.

Complete weekly breakdowns are available from Canfax or through provincial representatives.