Health Minister Adriana LaGrange provided an update on changes to lab services in Alberta at Red Deer Polytechnic today (August 18, 2023).  

“Waiting weeks in some communities to get an appointment or to get test results back is just not right and is just not acceptable, so something needed to be done,” said LaGrange.  

Already Alberta Precision Laboratories has provided thousands of additional community lab appointments in the Calgary area as of August 3, 2023 which has improved wait times, according to LaGrange.  

“To ensure stability in our lab’s system, AHS has signed an MOU with the ownership of DynaLife who will ensure DynaLife transfers all of their staff, all of their operations, and all physical locations to Alberta Precision Labs by the end of 2023. This will bring immediate and consistent support throughout the province,” said LaGrange.  

LaGrange says the change should not make an impact on how labs operate following the change.  

“There should be no significant difference in how you access lab services. You will still go to the same facilities you go to today. You will still book appointments through the same system you use today. Existing appointments you have already booked will not be impacted and you will still see the same frontline staff you see today,” explained LaGrange.  

She added that there will also be no job loss in relation to the change.  

AHS is working with Alberta Precision Labs to open up more labs to increase the number of community appointments.

Alberta Precision labs is working to expand hospital lab appointments, and actively hiring more staff.  

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