A Christian band is releasing a new album to help people facing a season of darkness.

Casting Crowns' newest album, The Healer, is being shared Friday. They say this album is for people going through difficult times.

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"If you've felt fear, depression, darkness in the last season, this album is for you," the band says on Facebook. "When we walk through something that hurts, we are confident that we aren't alone."

That confidence comes from God's presence. 

"God is ALWAYS at work. God can be trusted. God heals. We pray this album meets you where you are today!"

Casting Crowns hosted a live stream on Facebook to announce the new album to fans where they shared their desire for healing and peace.

"What we are trying to remind us is that Jesus is healing. Jesus is unity. Jesus is peace," bandmember Mark Hall says in the stream. "What we got is a culture right now that we want comfort but we do not know if we want a king."

He says they hear people are wanting the comfort and wisdom of Jesus, but pulling back from Him. Hall says people need to surrender to Jesus, then comfort and peace will follow.