Canadian music artist Stirling John just released a new album called Where I’m Meant To Be

Stirling John grew up in Ontario and has had a passion for singing since early childhood. He’s currently an RCMP officer but feels that his current career is re-igniting his love for music. “The interesting thing about where my career has gone has brought me back to music, because music is a very important part of what goes on in our communities, especially within Indigenous communities.” 

One of the songs on the new album is called “Trust in You”. Although John was raised in a Christian home there were still situations that came up which really tested his faith in God.

“As much as we think that we have our life in a good way at times it can fall apart as well. It doesn't matter who we are. And I experienced that. We need to know that we can trust in God to really be there for us. Trust in You is certainly very applicable, and it's a message from God I believe that we need to apply in our life.” 

John says, “My purpose for music is to help and uplift others. My hope is that people will get clarity about questions that they have in their life, that they know that they're not alone. Whether they feel that they're alone in their darkest times that they're not, that there's other people here for you that God's here for you.” 

Stirling John’s music is now available on all platforms. You can get more information at, or on Facebook and Instagram.