Canadian Christian artist Quincy Telus has released a new soulful single called “Hold On”.   

The song was originally released in 2019, but Quincy felt its meaning had evolved and that there there was more to the song. He wrote the song while in grade 12, but as the years passed, he always felt like there was more to it.  

“During that time there was the entire pandemic, moving home, moving back to Edmonton, moving back home, moving back to Edmonton, and then moving to Winnipeg. The meaning of the song stuck with me and evolved with my situations.” 

To keep himself busy, Quincy has a retail job, runs track at the University of Manitoba, and is taking a music mentorship. 

"I'm part of a mentorship program right now through Creative Manitoba. Anytime I'm not at work or at the track I'm at the studio working with J.P. Peters. I'm learning everything there is to know about producing." 

Quincy is currently working on new music and hopes to release a brand new EP in January 2024.