"A journey of a thousand miles (or more) begins with just one step."  That is exactly what Jimmy Lefebvre has done for the Can Survive Walk 2018 in honour of his father who lost his battle with cancer and passed away. 

His journey began in Grande Prairie, AB and will end in Tignish, PEI where his dad was laid to rest.  His intention is to arrive at the grave site on August 31, 2018, which would have been his dad's 72nd birthday.

As with life, this trip has come with many challenges and obstacles to overcome.  Together, as a family they have met these challenges and overcame them.  In spite of the obstacles, they have also experienced the kindness and generosity of others who shines a bright light on the world and shows that there is still so much good.

Having walked through three provinces, Lefebvre is on the longest leg of the trip in Ontario.  Currently, he is 22 days into Ontario with at least another 28 more to go until he reaches Quebec.  The journey continues.......

"If a picture paints a thousand words," then take a look at some of Lefebvre's pictures along the way.  They speak more than a thousand words of his passion for the cause of Can Survive Walk 2018.