After an emergency c-section, Madison Cain Johnson is grateful to be holding her new baby and recovering. 

"Yesterday was so physically painful, so stressful, and yet so beautiful!" says Johnson on Instagram. "I’ll share my birth story later, but long story short, almost everything went wrong."

Johnson is one of three members and siblings of the Christian band CAIN. Her brother Logan had his first baby, a girl, this year and her sister Taylor is due with her first baby later this month. 

"Here I am, wrapped in so much love from my family, my friends and this little boy. Cal and I just met, but he curls into me like we were made for each other."


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Johnson and her husband welcomed a little boy, Calloway Davy Johnson on August 2. 

"For my wedding day in 2016, Jared wrote me a series of letters for milestones we’d cross throughout life. Reeling from an unplanned c-section, Jared’s words written over 6 years ago ushered in the presence of God, like they were made for this exact moment. I could never earn this kind of love."

Johnson and her sister stopped touring in mid-July after Taylor went into early labour, however, the doctors were able to stop it. The CAIN sisters shared that they would be back on the road once the babies were born, with no specific date yet.