It's an exciting Friday for fans of the award-winning sibling trio CAIN as they release their latest album.

Jesus Music, an eleven-song project, is a tribute to the Jesus music that has come before them.

“Our whole lives the music that inspired us, redirected us, and carried us, was always Jesus music," CAIN collectively shares. "To the artists, the worship leaders, and the choir directors, to the parents singing Jesus music over their kids as they put them to bed, we say thank you. Keep singing Jesus' music. It means more than you can ever know!”


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The project includes their previously released songs, 'Any More,' 'Windows Down,' 'WWJD,' and the title track. 

"We pray these songs point you to the One true King - Jesus," said the band in a post on Instagram. "Hopefully, each track leaves you reminded that He is for you. He fights for you, and He couldn’t love you any more than He does right now. We love you guys!"

To celebrate the release of this new album, CAIN will release a new video every hour on their Instagram page today. They will also share more about their new songs while introducing the videos.