Approximately $33.2 million is being invested in capital road and bridge projects across the County of Grande Prairie this construction season.   

In response to feedback from residents who identified roads as the top area of focus in the County’s 2023 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, County Council directed a significant portion of $110 million capital budget toward improving the municipality’s vast transportation network, including paved and gravel roads and bridges. Projects planned include more than 15 km of road surface overlay work, along with bridge replacements and re-construction road projects.   

“Many of our road and bridge projects are already underway across the County and it’s shaping up to be a busy construction season,” says Transportation & Utilities Director Ryan Konowalyk. “Along with $33.2 million in new capital road and bridge projects, crews will be working to wrap up carry-over projects from recent years while moving new projects forward as the weather allows.”  


A number of projects are planned for the 2024 season. Highlights and budgeted amounts include: 

·$1 million, cost-shared equally with industry, for a $2 million base paving upgrade to Range Road 100 from Highway 667 to Highway 43. 

·$400,000 to conduct a geotechnical investigation at Aspen Ridge, Resources Road, and access to Pipestone Campground and Wapiti Gardens.  


Pavement overlay projects, which involves adding a new layer of pavement, as well as possible spot fixes and occasional surface milling:  

·Crossroads South Industrial Subdivision – 158 Avenue, 163 Avenue, 94 Street, and 95 Street – 2.57 km  

·Range Road 30 from Highway 43 South – 4.83 km 

·Range Road 71 and Township Road 711 – 4.56 km  

·Range Road 63 from City limits to south of 162 Avenue – 1.5 km 

·Range Road 63 from north of City limits to Township Road 722 – 1.5 km 

·Township Road 711 and Range Road 71 – 4.6 km 

·84 Avenue from Highway 2 to Range Road 62 – 1.6 km 


Base paving of: 

·Range Road 74 between Township Road 712 and Highway 43 – 3.2 km 

·Range Road 75 from Highway 43 north for 1.6 km – 1.6 km 

·Crystal Creek Estates road upgrades – 2 km 

·Township Road 750 from Highway 724 to west of Range Road 83 – 4.8 km 

·Range Road 60 - Evergreen Access Road – 0.9 km 

·Township Road 710 and Range Road 55 – 1.6 km 

·Range Road 41 from Township Road 714 to Crystal Creek Estates – 1.2 km 

·Township Road 732 from Range Road 55 to Range Road 53 – 3.2 km 

·Range Road 53 from Five Mile Hall to the City of Grande Prairie limits – 2.1 km 

·Range Road 100 from Highway 43 to Highway 667 – 1.6 km 


Grading work: 

·Township Road 714 and 713A, east of Range Road 41 


Construction Projects: 

·Township Road 704 from Range Road 64.5 to Range Road 70 – 1.6 km 

·Range Road 53 South to Township Road 712 – 1.6 km 

·Township Road 734 between Range Road 104 and Range Road 105 – 1.6 km 

·Township Road 730 between Range Road 91 and Range Road 92 – 1.6 km 

·Range Road 51 north of Highway 674 – 1.6 km 


Bridge Construction:

·Range Road 65 between Highway 59 and Township Road 742 

·Range Road 64 between Highway 59 and Township Road 742 

·Range Road 41 South of Highway 671 

·Range Road 74 between Highway 43 and Township Road 712 


The complete overview of bridge, spot, and road construction projects slated for this season is available at Locations and projected timelines for each project are included on the webpage and will be updated throughout the season. Subscribers to the webpage will receive updates on project start and end dates as they’re confirmed.

Information provided by the County of Grande Prairie