As the second day of the sentencing hearing for Jaskirat Singh Sidhu began, the widow of the Humboldt Broncos' head coach Darcy Haugan spoke words of forgiveness and shared the good news of Jesus. 

Sidhu pleaded guilty in the deaths of 16 people when the semi he was driving went through a stop sign and collided with the Broncos' team bus on April 6, 2018.

Christina Haugan was the first to share their victim impact statement today.

She began by saying she struggled to find the words to share the impact the crash had on her life, "because in reality there isn't any way it hasn't had an impact." She described the difficulty left to raise their boys, Carson and Jackson, on her own.

Haugan held Sidhu accountable saying he "had control that day." Control, Haugan said, that could have had life-saving consequences. "Had you chosen to stop or even slow down so many lives would be different today, yours and your family included."

While Haugan said that she respects that Sudhu pleaded guilty, she added: "I do not, however, believe that waives consequences for actions."

"I want to tell you that I forgive you"

Darcy Haugan was well known for his faith in Jesus. That's something Christina turned to as her impact statement continued.

Darcy Haugan was a beloved part of the community of Humboldt, SK."All I can think of is that Darcy would have said that we are all here on earth undeserving of forgiveness and that it is only because God sent his son to die for our sins that we are here."

"So while your actions on April 6 have impacted our entire family . . . I want to tell you that I forgive you."

Mom explains the gospel

Darcy's mom also shared how her family's life was changed on April 6. But, like Christina, she also offered understanding and grace.

"Darcy was the kind of man who never held a grudge," she said. "He always chose to see the good in things in people. The attitude Darcy held in life came from his deep faith in a loving and forgiving God who gave His own Son, Jesus to die and be raised to life again so that we could be forgiven.

"Even though Darcy is no longer with us, we choose to honour his memory by extending the grace, compassion and forgiveness that he would have offered you. And by doing so, we honour our ultimate example, Jesus Christ."