The congregation of a Brazilian church is mourning the loss of their pastor and his wife after the couple went after their son in an attempt to save him while visiting a beach. 

Felisberto Sampaio, 43, and his wife, Inalda Sampaio, 42 lead the Assembly of God Church in Quixaba, Paraíba. The family was visiting Paraíba city of Lucena for a few days and went to the beach on January 10. 

The couple saw that their 13-year-old son Ian was struggling in the water at Camacari Beach. They both immediately went into the water after him. 

A Brazilian newscast Universo Online (UOL) reported the incident. According to local police, the attempted rescue occurred at 10:00 a.m. 

While Ian was struggling, he was picked up safely by a fishing boat nearby. By the time the boat reached the couple in the water, they were unresponsive. 

The local fire department told UOL that once they pulled the Sampaios out of the water they attempted resuscitation until they declared the couple deceased at the scene. 

Upon hearing the tragic news, members of Sampaio's congregation have been mourning. Felisberto had been a pastor at that church for 12 years. 

"I know that the circumstances are painful and difficult for us to understand," says pastor Leonardo Meneses, a friend of the family. "Only eternity will explain all the mysteries of life."