"Even if you feel like you're prepared, it feels like the floor underneath you gets swept right from under your feet when it happens. And that's exactly what happened to me when I lost my mom in 2016 to cancer." 

That's what Blanca says as she describes the day her mom passed away. The Christian pop sensation new album, Shattered, released on Friday, September 14. She described in a YouTube video where the inspiration for the project came from.

Blanca was just beginning to write her newest project when she lost her mom. She said that she struggled with (and still does at times) feelings of guilt because the schedule of a touring artist required her to "missed out on so many opportunities to be here."

"I don't want you to stop"

But it was her mom, she says, that pushed her to continue with her music even in the midst of illness.

"I don't want you to stop," her mom told her. "I know what you're feeling and what you're thinking. That I need you here, but I find my most strength when I see you doing exactly what you're called to do. And that's to go out there and bring hope and encouragement to people that really need it."

"God can use everything that you've gone through"

The lyrics of the songs on Blanca's sophomore solo album are a transparent look at her heart as she struggled with her mother's loss.

"I walked into some of these writing sessions feeling completely shattered and empty and broken," Blanca shared with the Christian Post in an interview. "I didn't know what to give but I knew that that's exactly where I needed to write from.

"It's so crucial as Christians, to be honest, and real with who you are and where you're at because that's the only place that you can fully find healing and restoration, and God can work on your heart when you're able to give all to Him," she said.

Blanca says that she wants the album to inspire others to see that "God can use everything that you've gone through. That's the strength; how he uses your story to help other people. Or he shows you this newfound strength that you didn't even know that you had."