As announced on their respective Facebook pages, Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue is absolutely floored by the generosity of the community in honour of the incredible animal advocate, Betty White.  

Since Monday, on would have been Betty White’s 100th Birthday, Bandaged Paws received donations from just over 500 individuals raising a total of $23,495.21 (and counting). 

The Betty White Challenge has also given the shelter the ability to plant a long overdue seed to start a Spay and Neuter Assistance Program for the residents of the City and County of Grande Prairie. The organisation will be allotting $10,000 of the donations made in Betty White’s honour to start the program, which will directly help cats and dogs in our area in need of spay/neuters.  

Bandaged Paws said in a recent Facebook post that this is something much needed in our area and something they have been dreaming about for years to be able to do for our community.  Not only will this help pet owners, but it will blossom into helping the Rescue by minimising the number of unwanted litters, which reduces the number of animals needing to be surrendered so they can focus their efforts on helping more homeless and abandoned animals. 

In the Woods Animal Rescue in Nampa has also been getting donations in Betty White’s honour.  As of Wednesday morning, according to a recent organisation Facebook post, $30,045 has been raised and counting.