Romans 12:15 encourages Christians to “weep with those who weep.” Rev. Dr. Jack Sara is the President of Bethlehem Bible College where many Christian Palestinian faculty, staff, and students are heartbroken and frightened over the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Dr. Sara says, “Nobody expected the escalation to happen this way. Of course, as people who are for peace [and] justice for both peoples at the same time, really we lament the loss of innocent lives on all sides. It’s very hard. Everybody is in prayer, to be honest.

“We have several students who are in Gaza who are in communication with us, and they’re afraid. They have families. They have little kids. It’s a terrible situation.”

United Nations representatives warn of a dire humanitarian crisis for innocent Palestinians affected by the Israeli government’s siege.

“It’s not only Gaza,” says Dr. Sara. “Israel has already taken measures to close on the West Bank and cut off a lot of resources from the West Bank which means, besides the millions of people that live in Gaza, another 3 million people in the West Bank as well will suffer.

“This is added to the act of retaliation that some individuals or people will do against Palestinians here and there…. Around Palestinian towns, there are already reported attacks against Palestinians.”

Please pray for wisdom as Bethlehem Bible College represents Christ among suffering Palestinians in an overwhelming crisis.

Dr. Sara says, “Emotions are very high and young people are very angry. They need people to calm them. They need voices to calm them down and give them a Christian perspective.”

Send a prayer or message of encouragement to our Palestinian Christian brothers and sisters at Bethlehem Bible College.

Pray for a true, Gospel-driven peace over the region.


This story originally appeared at Mission Network News and is republished here with permission.