Update: Beni Johnson has passed away at the age of 67. Read more here.

A well-known charismatic church in the U.S.A. is asking for prayers as one of its leaders has entered hospice care due to cancer.

The church announced in February 2022 that "our beloved Senior Leader, Beni Johnson, wife of Bill Johnson, has been contending with cancer." Beni had been undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancer since the winter. However, on Wednesday evening the church announced that the disease was not responding to the treatments.

"Late last week, Bill, Beni, and their doctors felt that the time had come to transition from treating the cancer with chemotherapy to relieving her symptoms. Beni is now at home with hospice care," the statement says.

Beni was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2018. She had tumours removed from a breast at the time, and told media outlets she was "shocked" by the diagnosis.

Bethel is known for its belief in healing and can sometimes attract criticism for its claims of miracles. In December 2019 it attracted worldwide attention as people gathered to pray for days for the resurrection of a young daughter of one of its worship leaders. A funeral was held for the two-year-old at the end of 2019 after a week of prayer.

The church says that despite the transition to hospice care, it is still praying for a miracle. "We continue to stand with the Johnsons for Beni’s complete healing. Medicine is a blessing and a great help, but in this moment we need a miracle from the Lord."

The church, based out of Redding, California, says that hundreds of thousands of people have been praying for Beni since the winter, and asks them to continue. "Please continue to pray for a total deliverance from all cancer, and for Beni’s strength to be renewed.

"Here is our prayer: Jesus, we ask that You would heal Beni’s body and extend her life. We declare this is not her end—there is more to come and You are speaking a better word over her. Father, we ask that You would revive her body, redeem this season of sickness, and renew her life in Jesus’ name."

Bethel says it will be hosting nights of prayer for Beni at the Redding location, which began Wednesday evening.

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