The Battleship Mountain wildfire is classified as Out of Control.

The District of Hudson's Hope has declared a State of Local Emergency and issued an Evacuation Order and an Evacuation Alert for the Municipality of Hudson's Hope. For more information, visit the Hudson's Hope website here.

Operations staff are developing an ignition plan for the southwest corner of the fire to build containment in that area as conditions allow. The initial portion of the ignition operation could be up to 3,500 ha in size and is critical to secure the south flank of the fire if a potential shift in winds occur later this week. This operation will be supported by crews on the ground as well as aerial bucketing support. This planned ignition could occur as early as tomorrow if conditions allow.

Structure protection personnel are working diligently and are developing a response plan for the WAC Bennett Dam and continue maintenance of established structure protection apparatus in the Carbon Lake area. Additional areas are being assessed by structure protection personnel as needed. Personnel are working closely with BC Hydro to continue establishing familiarization at the WAC Bennett Dam.

Crews on the west flank of the fire are working on creating fuel breaks in preparation for a potential ignition operation in the coming days by removing unburnt material between the control line and the edge of the fire. Two Unit Crews are working along the Johnson Creek Forest Service Road northeast of Carbon Lake to create fuel free zones on the east flank of the fire, by removing all the fuel down to mineral soil.

Helicopters are continuing bucketing operations along the south and west of Battleship Mountain.

Battleship Mountain Wildfire

Information provided by BC Wildfire