One week after a Baltimore bridge collapsed from a cargo ship crashing into it has emergency crews and church members busy helping out. 

On March 26 early in the morning a container ship that had just left the Port of Baltimore, struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse and killed six construction workers. 

The eight crew members on the Dali ship that struck the bridge have been stuck at the harbour during this past week. A group of ministers has been there making sure the crew has food, Bibles, and anything else they need. 

"My primary focus will be on caring for those seafarers who cannot continue their journeys," says Messick, an Episcopal priest and executive director of Baltimore International Seafarers' Center, to Word and Way. "Just making sure they have everything that they are supposed to have and everything that they need to make their extended stay here as pleasant as possible."

While not much information has been shared about the incident or the ship itself, Messick has shared that the crew continues to work on board even though parts of the collapsed bridge are still on top of it. 

"Until the vessel is considered exceedingly unsafe for them to be on there, they will remain on and continue to do the work that they are - have signed on to do."

Messick connects with the crew on WhatsApp but the conversations are very brief according to the priest. 

"But all in all, the crew is healthy. They're being provided with everything they need, and they're assisting in the efforts with the Coast Guard and Customs Border Protection, the Army Corps of Engineers, everyone that's out there working right now."

Aiding Emergency Crews

A different church and crew from Union Baptist Church are also in the area helping out. Their focus is ministering to the first responders on the scene and those looking for any other missing or deceased people. 

"We got 300 Chic-fil-A sandwiches, chips, cookies, salads, drinks, and we just went out there to love on them and to show our support, and to show them that we are here and to show them the love and hope of Christ as they are working tirelessly around the clock to do the work, reach the people who've been impacted and touch their families as well," says associate pastor Angela Broadus to Fox News


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Kevin Cartwright, who is with the Baltimore City Fire Department shared how grateful he and the crew were for all the help the church has given. 

"We have so many emergency workers on the scene," says Cartwright to a local news station. "We have firefighters, dive team members, paramedics, public safety, law enforcement. I can't thank [Union Church] enough for all that they're doing right now, providing sustenance, love, prayer, and support for our emergency workers. It overwhelmed me."

As this thoroughfare is a major transportation route for cargo ships, an alternate route has been opened to let ships go by. All the counties around Baltimore have people working to clean up after this disaster. 

As of right now, there is still no word on what caused the ship to hit the bridge.