The Bald Mountain wildfire, located 17 km west of Highway 40 and 50 kilometres south of Grande Prairie, is classified as out of control (OC) and is estimated to be 14,540 hectares in size.

The fire crossed the Bald Mountain Road to the east on Friday and is in proximity to the intersection of Odum Ridge Road and Bald Mountain Road to the south.

Forty-six firefighters along with five helicopters and 12 pieces of heavy equipment were assigned to the fire Sunday.

The smoke has dissipated enough over this fire to permit the use of aircraft. The helicopters will be used to assess the fire, provide an updated area estimate, and to helibucket any flare-ups.

Crews will continue work on surrounding the two new excursions across Bald Mountain Road as well as the growth to the south where Weyerhauser Road meets the end of Bald Mountain Road with dozer guard. Firefighters are actioning these areas with water and hand tools. Crews will also work on the northwest flank, actioning hot spots 50 feet in along the fire line.