The Alberta legislature has reconvened.

Government House Leader Jason Nixon says they've decided not to have a new session complete with a throne speech.

"Given the tightness of a fall sitting and the robustness of this legislative agenda which is going to be about 18 to 20 bills before Christmas it was more prudent from my perspective to see us return to traditional prorogation in the spring which I anticipate you will see and at that point will bring forward a throne speech."

The focus of the sitting will be the province's recovery plan with bills that include the Labour Mobility Act to recognize qualifications from elsewhere to address labour shortages, the Infrastructure Accountability Act to bring more transparency to infrastructure plans, the Advanced Educational Statutes Amendment Act which focuses on building job skills and the arts profession recognition Act.

"You're going to see as well this week a bill coming in from the Municipal Affairs Minister focusing on tools to recollect overdue taxes on well sites....and then the rest of the agenda focusing on everything from red tape reduction, regulatory reform focusing on environmental legislation and other areas across our province that we think will help build on the strong economic recover we're seeing across our province," said Nixon.

One thing we won't see is an all-party committee to study how the government handled the fourth wave of COVID.

"To have an all-party committee and to call health care witnesses to the legislature to discuss what has taken place during the pandemic is completely inappropriate of the NDP to even ask for that so certainly we will not support it," Nixon says.

He does say they'll have a debate inside the chamber including all MLAs.