Although things seemed perfect on the outside, behind closed doors, Claudia Wells' world was crashing down around her. 

When she was just two years old, Claudia's parents divorced, and she was left to live with her mother, who, at the time, was battling an alcohol addiction.

"I always say you never know what happens behind closed doors because what you project when you are outside of the house and inside the house are two very different things. It was a chaotic home life and very confusing."

Claudia always had a passion for acting, and by the time she was 12 years old, she started landing roles in television series, including Herbie, The Lovebug, with Dean Jones.

When she turned 18, Claudia landed the role of a lifetime. She played Jennifer Parker, Michael J. Fox's present-day girlfriend, in the 1985 hit film Back to the Future.

"It was pretty amazing. I mean, it was not just to get the role, but to be in a Spielberg movie," said Wells. "That was exciting. I had done a lot of television up to that point, but I had never done a movie before."

Following her success in this role, Claudia's mother was diagnosed with cancer, and she decided to put a hold on her career. 

In the years that followed, Claudia hit a rough patch turning to drugs and alcohol to cope. 

"At times, I didn't have the strength to lift myself out of it, but somehow God brought me out," said Wells.

Claudia says her faith journey started during her time on Herbie, The Lovebug.

"I became Christian from being with Dean Jones and his wife, Lori," said Wells. "They told me how if you invite Jesus into your heart and you know that you believe that he is the son of God, that that guarantees your name to be put in the book of life, and you'll know where you're going when you die, you have eternity with God in heaven. And I thought, well, that sounds good."

"It started me on a path that has been the biggest part of my life ever since."

Claudia's walk with God continues to this day. She is now a founding member of a church in Los Angeles. She also runs a men’s resale clothing store, Armani Wells, in Studio City.

Today on Connections, Claudia shares how she was able to find God in Hollywood. She also shares what she is up to nowadays.