Aquatera Utilities Inc. is supporting the City’s Coordinated Care Campus project through $20,540.08 in waived fees that will go towards infrastructure, metering and engineering costs as well as essential infrastructure that ensures water service to the building and effective fire suppression.

"Council is grateful to have exceptional community partners like Aquatera, who have generously contributed towards creating a secure and inclusive community”, said Grande Prairie Mayor, Jackie Clayton. “Today’s announcement will reduce expenses at the Coordinated Care Campus and ensure that available funds are directed efficiently towards the facility's services and programs.”

“It is a privilege to partner with the City of Grande Prairie to support our community,” said Vaughn Bend, Chief Executive Officer of Aquatera. “Supporting access to critical services ensure our region remains the destination of choice for families, business and industry to make a home.”

For more information on the Coordinated Care Campus, visit the City’s website.