In an exclusive interview from Winnipeg, Kelly Rempel, Director of Marketing for One Hope Canada, shared insights into the upcoming 6th Annual Day of Prayer for Camp, slated for Sunday, May 26.

Rempel emphasized the significance of this event, calling on Christians nationwide to unite in prayer for camp ministry. With over 400 Bible camps across Canada welcoming nearly a quarter of a million children annually, the day seeks divine intervention for the staff dedicated to sharing the message of Jesus.

This year's theme, drawn from Colossians 3:2, urges believers to focus their minds on heavenly matters rather than earthly distractions. Rempel stressed the necessity of spiritual guidance, affirming that effective ministry cannot thrive without the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Highlighting the profound impact of prayer, Rempel shared stories of transformation within the camp community. "Prayer is vital," she emphasized, "especially in camp ministry, where many attendees have never encountered Jesus or the Bible."

The Day of Prayer for Camp offers resources and support for participants, including prayer kits and informational materials available at Rempel encouraged individuals and groups to engage in prayer beyond the designated day, fostering a continuous spirit of support for Camp Ministry.

As May 26 approaches, Christians are invited to join in collective prayer, fostering a sense of unity and spiritual upliftment across the nation.